Case Study: EARN

In Case Study by A. Geoffrey Crane

The Employment Assistance Resource Network (EARN) is an Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) that offers one-on-one support to persons with challenges. In particular, EARN assists clients with employment planning, job search and preparation as well as on-the job training.

A match made in heaven

Geoff worked with the Employment Assistance Resource Network in Cobourg to expand and enhance their existing 12-day emotional intelligence program. Aimed at at-risk young adults, the “Workplace Intelligence Necessities” (WIN) Program was designed to help bolster clients’ emotional skills in relation to employment. In conjunction with resources at Trent University, we also performed a series of statistical tests on participants emotional intelligence scores. Students showed significant improvement in key skill areas. More impressive, however, were the job retention rates for the people who completed the program!

This presentation describes the challenges that led to the WIN Program’s development as well as the results of its implementation.

We think, however, it’s better to meet the people who have taken the initiative to WIN. See how EARN has been able to change people’s lives!

Helping EARN to expand and evaluate the WIN Program was a wonderful experience and a lesson in the kinds of work that can result when all the right pieces come together. We are very grateful for the opportunity to play a role in bringing such a wonderful program to life.

If you would like to know more about the WIN Program, or how you can get it for your organization, contact Michelle Cormier at EARN today.


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